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Jesus Christ called Pastor William A. King, Jr. to be a son of God on December 13, 1980 and to the ministry several weeks later. Greater Life Ministries and Church was founded by Pastor William A. King, Jr. January 8th, 1992 when he moved from Detroit Michigan to Western Washington in the Seattle area.

The Lord when he called Pastor King asked him to love and to feed his sheep. Since his call he has been on a mission to learn how Jesus Christ thinks and responds to various situations and challenges. His goal is to speak and teach from Jesus Christ's perspective so that those that want to know him can and for those who want to grow spiritually are able to be lead by Christ.

Everything on this website, except those with disclaimers, can be proven through the life of the person. by following the steps outlined on this site and doing exactly what is written in the learning modules you will create meaningful changes in your life. Changes that please God and makes you independent in Christ and a owner of your experiences in Christ.

Pastor King, 

When Jesus Christ called me to feed his sheep immediately I went to the streets to learn Christ. The first five years of my saved life I was homeless off and on, because I wanted to know Christ with no shelter over my head or food on my table. In sickness I wanted to know him in healing and he healed me from thyroid disease without surgery or destruction of my thyroid gland. My desire is to teach Jesus Christ word line upon line and precept upon precept. My desire is for you to be perfect in him, in every area of your life. Amen.

Pastor King is also the software developer and maintainer of this website. The goal of this project is to provide the tools and knowledge a saint of God needs in order to have a successful walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. The teachings of Pastor King are from his experiences in proving the word of God.

I only teach things I have learned from Jesus Christ in my own life.