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The Fast God Chose


By Pastor William A. King, Jr.

Fasting can be challenging; but when done correctly, it has a long reaching effect.

God's TRUE way of fasting (which you will soon learn more about in this lesson) answers problems of sin in the flesh, which manifest itself as: bondage, ignorance, devils, sickness, fear, backbiting, lying, cursing, a lack of clarity and direction, strong-holds, returning problems, anxiety and stress, finger pointing, strife, selfishness, self-centered behavior, pride, a lustful eye, an uncontrollable tongue and more.

And we see these manifestations in people as behaviors... behaviors that come from a carnal mind.  The carnal mind learns from the systems of and the cares for this world.

Cares of this world work against the righteousness of God and therefore; the world and the prince of this world are judged. The prince of this world uses those cares to shape your perceptions - how you sense and see things.

How you see a thing produces a response, which creates outcomes. Outcomes are the results of your thinking.

Your thoughts encapsulate you. You cannot be greater or less than who you are. Your reactions may differ, but your feelings, memories, perceptions, experiences and responses will always create the same outcomes. To create change and to create a different outcome, you need someone greater than yourself.  You need someone to collaborate with, someone who has a level of knowledge beyond this world, someone who can train you to perceive and think like the Lord Jesus Christ, someone whose affections are on things above, someone who will direct your thinking, someone who will show you how to use this world and its problems to grow spiritually. 

As a saint of God, you should not think through problems the old way, nor should you exhibit behaviors the Lord says he came to judge. This is why the Holy Ghost troubles you. He troubles you so that you aren't judged when the world is judged.

The world is judged by God in response to some behaviors he dislikes, such as the systems of this world.

Social norms are an example of this system. The Holy Ghost's job is to purge you of the old way - to cut the old way off and provide a clean canvas on which he will begin building new experiences that are drawn from things above.

Seeing things from God's perspective will cause you to respond to this world differently. Responding differently will create change. Instead of a cursed outcome, you will experience blessings.

Because you are a new creation in Christ, your life is now a blank canvas upon which, new experiences and ways of solving problems need to be rewritten.

How much you grow is proportionate to how much you surrender and how much of your life has been transformed. That's simple mathematics. 

Having said that, it is important to realize and understand that God's chosen fast is different from what you may have been taught or believed it to be.

It is different in both approach and outcome.

The spirit is willing to fast, but the flesh is weak and would rather not.

But when you fast properly, it creates new possibilities and builds awareness of Christ's behaviors and knowledge of his ways.

Learning about him opens new possibilities for change and; experiencing and walking in his ways transforms your thinking. And when you begin thinking and doing things as he does, you have now made HIM the author and finisher of your faith.